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Launch and Adoption

Re-engage your workforce with a modern, interactive communications platform, while fostering a culture of knowledge and information sharing across the organisation.

Is it for me?

SharePoint and Teams are ideal solutions to manage structured collaboration. Used by departments and projects, these collaborative spaces normally follow existing company hierarchies. What’s often lacking however, is a place where employees from across the organisation, with a common interest or specialism, can share information, knowledge and insights.


Yammer provides a modern, intuitive platform to support your internal “communities of interest”. These communities often span multiple teams, departments, and locations. Think of Yammer as your own version of LinkedIn, dedicated to your organisational interests and driven by your employees. Yammer is now fully integrated with Microsoft Teams as well.


Yammer communities can relate to any topic, some being business focused, others just for fun. Yammer also incorporates a handy “all company” feed. This provides a less formal way to communicate with the business and engage employees in conversation.


At yoko:10, we have a proven approach for the launch and adoption of Yammer in your organisation. It provides you with:


  • A full understanding of Yammer functionality, including use cases specific to your business.
  • A clear view of where Yammer fits within your existing communications strategy and tool set.
  • A Yammer “launch” and communications plan.
  • The training, on-boarding and support for several pilot communities.
  • Training for communications, IT, and governance stakeholders, allowing you to support your Yammer network as it grows.

Why yoko:10?

Many organisations, and other Microsoft partners, avoid Yammer because they don’t understand how it should be used or the benefits it can bring. At yoko:10 we’re huge Yammer advocates. We definitely “get it”, and we’ve seen the impact Yammer can have.


Our consultants have been helping organisations deploy Yammer since its acquisition by Microsoft in 2012. We know that without clear communications, well defined use cases and a solid plan, adoption of Yammer often fails. That’s why we’ve developed our existing approach, to ensure Yammer success for you and your employees.

What’s involved?

We’re happy to discuss how Yammer can benefit your organisation, or answer any questions you may have. Just pick up the phone or drop us an email.


In the meantime, here’s an overview of what we’d expect to cover when launching Yammer in your organisation:


  • Review Yammer functionality, common use cases and key benefits for your organisation.
  • Identify existing communities and confirm which will be used in the pilot.
  • Work with relevant stakeholders to ensure Yammer aligns to, and enhances, the current communications strategy.
  • Create a governance plan, and if required, acceptable use policy.
  • Create a communication and launch plan.
  • Complete all configuration, in line with the agreed governance plan.
  • Support internal teams and employees through the initial launch and adoption of Yammer.

How much and how long?

Our Yammer launch projects start start from £3,315 + VAT and can be completed in as little as three weeks.


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