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We’re good with the tech, but we’ve got the creative and soft skills too. That’s something that sets us apart from the majority of Microsoft partners. Creating an intranet, which truly benefits your business, requires expertise in requirements analysis, user experience and information architecture design.

Beautiful to look at, simple to use.

Is it for me?

Like many organisations, you’re probably a Microsoft 365 subscriber. You may be using Teams and Outlook for messaging and collaboration. But do you have a consistent, engaging way to share news, guidance and resources across the entire organisation?


If the answer is no, you’re probably dealing with an abundance of company-wide emails, duplicate documents, disparate systems and internal email attachments.


Worry not, a well-designed intranet will provide:


  • A platform for company-wide communications, including news, events and alerts.
  • A single point of access to all strategic documents, policies, guidance and templates.
  • Information and resources required to complete day-to-day tasks.
  • A rich employee directory, detailing contact information, knowledge and skills.
  • Anything else you need to share!

Why yoko:10?

Our consultants have more than a decade of experience designing intranet solutions. We’ve worked with enterprise organisations and SMEs, in both the public and private sectors. During that time we’ve developed the fundamental non-technical skills required for any intranet project:


  • Eliciting, translating and prioritising user requirements.
  • Understanding the user experience and user interface design.
  • Information management and information architecture design.


Our intranets are built using SharePoint Online and Mozzaik 365’s intranet add-on solution. Mozzaik brings the key features currently missing from SharePoint Online. Mozzaik’s additional features also let us accelerate delivery, reducing some of the complexity and costs associated with traditional intranet projects.

What’s involved?

You can give us a call, or drop us an email, if you’d like to discuss your ideas, our approach, or anything else intranet related.


In the meantime, here’s an overview of the main areas we’d expect to cover when delivering an intranet project:


  • Complete stakeholder interviews and workshops, confirming requirements and defining personas.
  • Discuss our previous projects and common trends, and how these relate to your requirements.
  • Agree the required functionality, page layouts, structure, look and feel.
  • Document the non-technical aspects, like a launch plan, governance and the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved.
  • Build the intranet! We use an iterative approach that allows for feedback at every stage.
  • Provide support throughout the content creation process, and where possible, migrating existing information if required.
  • Complete user acceptance testing and make sure everything’s ready for launch.

How much and how long?

Our intranet projects start from £8,999 + VAT and can be completed in as little as four weeks.


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