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Microsoft 365


Review and recommendations

Assess your current use and configuration against known requirements and goals, identifying any gaps or areas for improvement.

Is it for me?

Many organisations have subscribed to Microsoft 365 to meet an immediate need for remote working. In most cases, this also gave employees access to an array of collaboration and productivity tools. These tools have been picked up by the business and used in different ways, and to varying degrees. The use and adoption of Microsoft 365 became organic, rather than planned; this can be problematic.


You may have found yourself in this position, struggling with the adoption of Microsoft 365 and the lack of clear messaging being sent to the business. There can be other implications as well, such as Teams and SharePoint “sprawl”, or concerns about where sensitive data is being stored, and who has access to what.


If you’re in this position, worry not, we can get things back on track. Our Microsoft 365 review and recommendations engagement will provide:


  • A view of current Microsoft 365 usage and configuration, highlighting any issues or concerns.
  • Confirmation of which Microsoft 365 services are relevant to your organisation, and use cases for each.
  • Clear messaging, policy and guidance for employees, about how Microsoft 365 should be used.
  • Recommended security and governance additions, to ensure data is correctly managed and protected.
  • A plan for updating your Microsoft 365 environment and re-engaging your employees.

Why yoko:10?

We don’t simply provide a standard Microsoft 365 set-up. Our recommendations are shaped by your processes and requirements. And it’s not just the technical configuration that’s in scope. We also include your approach to other key areas, such as communications, training and governance.


We believe good governance provides the foundation of all successful Microsoft 365 deployments. Governance discussions, and subsequent decisions, ensure all key aspects of your Microsoft 365 deployment are considered; which services will be used, and how they will be managed, secured and adopted within your organisation.

What’s involved?

You can call, or drop us an email, if you’d like to discuss your current environment, our approach, or anything else Microsoft 365 related.


In the meantime, here’s an overview of the main area’s we’d expect to cover during our Microsoft 365 review and recommendations engagement:


  • Investigate and review your existing tenant usage and configuration.
  • Confirm your goals and aspirations for Microsoft 365.
  • Review all Microsoft 365 services, common use cases, and their suitability to your organisation.
  • Define, in detail, how all relevant services should be configured, used, and managed.
  • Agree all required updates, and the approach for on-going management and administration.
  • Create a Microsoft 365 governance and remediation plan, covering the agreed requirements, actions, and approach.

How much and how long?

Our Microsoft 365 review and recommendations engagements start from £2,670 + VAT and can be completed in as little as two weeks.


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