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Rencore Governance

Confirm all Microsoft 365 governance decisions, then proactively monitor your environment to ensure compliance.

Is it for me?

Governance provides the foundation of all successful Microsoft 365 deployments. Governance discussions, and subsequent decisions, ensure all key aspects of your Microsoft 365 deployment are considered.


Governance decisions address ongoing management, administration, security, usability and adoption. How many owners should a Team have? Will external sharing be permitted? If so, for who?


Whilst some areas of governance can be enforced through configuration, others rely on training, communications, and written policy.


With the groundwork complete, and Microsoft 365 services deployed, can you be sure governance decisions are being followed? You can monitor Microsoft 365 using the many admin centres provided, but do you really want to, even if that was a practical approach?


Using Rencore’s cloud governance application, you can monitor your environment from a single portal, creating custom dashboards and receiving notifications based on rules defined by you.


As part of yoko:10’s Rencore Governance engagement, we provide:


  • The review and remediation of existing Microsoft 365 governance decisions and policies.
  • The configuration of “Rencore Governance”, including dashboards, governance checks and email notifications.
  • Microsoft 365 remediation activities, completed by yoko:10 engineers (optional).
  • Quarterly governance workshops, including the review of new or updated Microsoft features, and suggested updates to Rencore Governance configuration.

Why yoko:10?

We’ve been working in the Microsoft Productivity and Collaboration space since 2006. That means we’ve been living and breathing governance for the past 15 years. All our Microsoft 365 deployments benefit from the solid foundation of good governance. We know which conversations to have, and in most case, what the likely decisions should be.


By combining our expertise with Rencore Governance, you can easily monitor your Microsoft 365 governance against live data and employee actions.

What’s involved?

You can give us a call, or drop us an email if you’d like to discuss our governance service, or anything else governance related. We can quickly give you a detailed overview of the service provided, and help you decide if it’s right for you.


In the meantime, here’s an overview of the main areas covered by our Rencore Governance service:


  • Complete a workshop to review existing Microsoft 365 configuration and governance.
  • Confirm and document all Microsoft 365 governance decisions.
  • Set-up of Rencore Governance, including the configuration of governance checks and all required dashboards.
  • Deliver a Rencore Governance overview workshop for IT, security, and data governance stakeholders.
  • Provide ongoing support for governance related queries.
  • Attend Quarterly meetings to review ongoing governance, and discuss Microsoft’s roadmap for changes and updates to 365.

How much and how long?

Our managed governance service starts from £5,750 + VAT per annum (up to 250 users). This includes your subscription to Rencore Governance.


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