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Information Governance


Data Classification and Protection

Classify and protect emails and files using Microsoft 365 sensitivity labels, Azure Information Protection and data loss prevention policies.

Is it for me?

Are you responsible for your organisation’s information governance? Do you worry where sensitive data is being stored in Microsoft 365? Is it always clear to employees when they are viewing, editing, or sharing sensitive information.


Training, policy, and guidance go some way to addressing these areas, but wouldn’t it be better if you could back this up with automated checks and controls?


When it comes to protecting your company’s assets, can you stop accidental or malicious data leaks of your most sensitive data? Are you able to restrict file and folder access to specific individuals, even when items are downloaded from Microsoft 365?


Microsoft 365 includes the tools you need to correctly classify and protect your data. Our Microsoft 365 data classification and protection engagement will provide:


  • An overview of data classification and data protection features relevant to you, and how these are commonly used.
  • A data classification scheme, and strategy, for files and emails held in Microsoft 365.
  • Clear messaging, policy, and guidance about how data classification and protection will be used.
  • The creation of labels and policies used to classify and protect your information assets.
  • Communications and training required to support the roll-out of data classification across the organisation.

Why yoko:10?

Data classification and data protection can be a new concept for many organisations. That means you need support from a partner who knows more than just how the technology works. During our engagement, we’ll work with your information governance and security teams to define an overall data classification and data protection strategy.


We’ll help you define the appropriate levels of control for your business and your workforce. Striking the right balance between information governance and usability allows you to secure data without alienating employees or stifling productivity.


Implementing data classification and data protection is a daunting task for any business, but it’s less so when you have a clear process to follow, and the right experience to leverage.

What’s involved?

We’re on hand to discuss your data classification requirements, or answer any other questions you have about Microsoft 365 information governance. Just pick up the phone or drop us an email.


In the meantime, here’s an overview of the main areas we’d expect to cover when delivering a data classification and protection project:


  • Review the organisations current position, goals and aspirations for data classification and data protection.
  • Help define the organisations classification scheme, for files and email held in Microsoft 365.
  • Confirm data protection requirements, including data loss prevention policies, employee notifications and reporting.
  • Document the approach, and Microsoft 365 compliance features, that will be used to manage data classification and data protection.
  • Complete the configuration of Microsoft 365 sensitivity labels, policies, data protection features, in line with the agreed plan.
  • Support the roll-out of data classification and protection to departments and teams across the organisation.

How much and how long?

Our data classification and protection projects start from £3,305 + VAT and can be completed in as little as three weeks.


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