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Planning, deployment and adoption.

Define where SharePoint fits in your overall Microsoft 365 strategy, how it’ll be configured and the way it should be deployed.

Is it for me?

In recent years, SharePoint has become an integral component of core Microsoft 365 services, including Groups and Teams. SharePoint, however, is still a powerful product in its own right. We see customers using SharePoint to address many common use cases. These use cases often involve collaboration around documents and list data, publishing content to a broad audience, managing specific organisational processes or providing formal document management capabilities.


For some organisations, the move to Microsoft Teams is not a clear-cut decision, often due to existing non-Microsoft meeting and messaging solutions. If you don’t deploy Teams, but still require a versatile collaboration platform, SharePoint is an obvious choice.


You may belong to an organisation which has no plans for Microsoft 365, but you’re interested in deploying SharePoint on-premises instead. Don’t worry, we can definitely help there too.


With so many complementary, and similar services available in Microsoft 365, it can also be difficult to see where SharePoint fits within your overall strategy, be it intranet, extranet, collaboration or document management. yoko:10’s SharePoint Planning engagement allows you to define:


  • The SharePoint features and functionality relevant to you, and how these are commonly used.
  • Use cases, supported by SharePoint, specific to your organisation and sector.
  • Clear messaging, policy, and guidance about how SharePoint will be used.
  • Security and governance requirements, ensuring SharePoint files and data are correctly managed and protected.
  • A structured plan for deploying and managing SharePoint, and on-boarding employees.

Why yoko:10?

SharePoint is where it all began for us. Our consultants earned their stripes working with SharePoint Portal Server 2003, and they’ve worked with every version since.


Collectively, our consultants have delivered over a hundred successful SharePoint projects. They’ve seen every deployment scenario and every variation an organisation can request.


yoko:10 is trusted by several, global Microsoft partners, to provide SharePoint expertise on their behalf.  We have a reputation for “knowing our stuff” when it comes to SharePoint, and we’re considered a very safe pair of hands.

What’s involved?

You can call, or drop us an email, if you’d like to discuss your requirements, our approach, or anything else SharePoint related.


In the meantime, here’s an overview of what we’d expect to cover when planning your SharePoint deployment:


  • Review SharePoint features, common use cases, and their suitability to your organisation.
  • Define, in detail, the requirements SharePoint will address, and how SharePoint will be configured, used and managed.
  • Agree the approach to deployment, on-boarding and administration, including migration planning if required.
  • Create a full SharePoint governance and deployment plan, covering the agreed requirements and approach.
  • Complete all configuration, in line with the agreed migration plan.
  • Provide training and onboarding for employees, teams and admins.

How much and how long?

Our SharePoint planning and deployment projects start from £6,675 + VAT and can be completed in as little as four weeks.


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