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Experts On Call

Get piece of mind knowing you always have the skills on hand to support, grow and manage your Microsoft 365 environment.

Is it for me?

Today’s IT teams are busy, that’s a simple fact. Internal resources are often overstretched, dealing with business-as-usual admin tasks, internal projects and support. Finding time to learn new technologies is hard, let alone keeping up to date with the ever changing landscape of Microsoft 365.


Internal teams rarely have experience of deploying the latest Microsoft services, or insights into how other organisations are benefiting from these. When it comes to addressing new requirements, or assessing new Microsoft services, it’s always easier speaking to someone “in the know”.


Other times, it’s just nice to have peace of mind, knowing there’s an extra pair of hands to help out when things get tricky or internal resources are tight.


Our Experts On Call service provides banked consultancy time, that’s free to use when you like, on what you choose. It could be support to manage and update existing Microsoft 365 services, or advice and expertise when considering the deployment of new functionality.


yoko:10’s Experts On Call service can provide:


  • Microsoft 365 support for technical teams, product owners and end-users.
  • Additional resources, when delivering new services and supplementing internal project teams.
  • Advice and recommendations, including design principles and best practice, when assessing new services.
  • Full ownership and administration of specific Microsoft 365 solutions or services.

Why yoko:10?

Our consultants design, deploy and support Microsoft 365 solutions for a diverse range of organisations around the globe. With expertise spanning the entire Microsoft 365 suite, we can add value wherever the skill and resource gaps lie.


And it’s not just the technical aspects of Microsoft 365 we support, we also assist with governance, communications and training. We’ve even been known to pick up intranet administration and content writing when required.


Yes, we’re knowledgeable and we know our stuff, but we’re a pretty personable and easy-going team as well. We’ll fit right in, working alongside your existing teams, be it IT, data protection, communications or HR.

What’s involved?

You can give us a call, or drop us an email, if you’d like to discuss our Experts On Call service, or anything else Microsoft 365 related. We can quickly give you a detailed overview of the service provided, and help you decide if it’s right for you.


In the meantime, here an overview of what’s included in yoko:10’s Experts On Call service:


  • Review your Microsoft 365 environment, confirming current configuration and how everything’s being used.
  • Discuss your current approach to Microsoft 365 governance and administration, any future plans, and where you can benefit from support.
  • Agree an annual budget and engagement model that suits your needs.
  • Deliver ad-hoc support and consultancy services as required, throughout the year.
  • Attend quarterly review meetings, to discuss new and updated Microsoft 365 services, and how these will impact or benefit you.

How much and how long?

Our Experts On Call service starts from £6,750 +VAT per annum.


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