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Microsoft Teams


Planning, deployment and adoption

Confirm how will Microsoft Teams be configured, deployed and governed for your organisation.

Is it for me?

You’re probably already using Microsoft Teams for meetings and chat. Rolled out in a hurry a few years ago maybe. If so, how’s it looking now?


Many organisations deployed Microsoft Teams during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic to resolve the remote working situation they were faced with as a result of the lockdown. Meeting and chat policies were often put in place, but no real thought went into the use of files, apps or the longer lifecycle of the Teams related data.


Bringing your organisation’s data into Microsoft Teams, providing the right set of complimentary business applications and wrapping all of that with the compliance and security features on offer within Microsoft 365 will truly provide your users with a one-stop shop experience.


However, to do that in the right way means spending time to properly plan your Microsoft Teams deployment. Upfront planning allows you to define:


  • How will Microsoft Teams be configured for general use, meetings & Town Halls.
  • Which Microsoft Teams apps are relevant to your organisation, and how will these be used.
  • Microsoft Teams use cases and scenarios, specific to your organisation and sector.
  • Clear messaging, policy, and guidance about how Microsoft Teams will be configured and used.
  • Security and governance requirements, ensuring data is correctly managed and protected.
  • A structured plan for deploying and managing Microsoft Teams, including the on-boarding of employees and the lifecycle of new Microsoft Teams.

Why yoko:10?

When planning a Microsoft Teams deployment, we define a project specific to your organisation and its needs. Every aspect is shaped by your processes and requirements, and is underpinned by your governance decisions.


We believe good governance provides the foundation of all successful Microsoft Teams deployments. Governance discussions, and subsequent decisions, ensure all key aspects of your Microsoft Teams deployment are considered e.g. which apps will be used, and how they will be managed, secured and adopted within your organisation.

What’s involved?

You can call, or drop us an email, if you’d like to discuss your requirements, our approach, or anything else Microsoft Teams related.


In the meantime, here’s an overview of the main area’s we’d expect to cover when planning your Microsoft Teams deployment:


  • Review your current position, goals, and aspirations for Microsoft Teams.
  • Review common use cases, and existing organisation policies.
  • Define, in detail, how all Teams will be configured, used, and managed.
  • Agree the approach to deployment, on-boarding, and administration, including migration planning if required.
  • Create a full Microsoft Teams governance and deployment plan, covering the agreed requirements and approach.
  • Complete all configuration, in line with the agreed migration plan.
  • Provide training and onboarding for employees, teams, and admins.

How much and how long?

Our Microsoft Teams planning and deployment projects start from £5,995 + VAT and can be completed in as little as four weeks.


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