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Microsoft Viva

Deploy and manage Microsoft Viva for your organisation.

Is it for me?

Microsoft Viva is a platform designed to enable organisations to create a more user-friendly, engaging and productive work environment for their employees which is conducive towards promoting well-being, productivity, learning, development and a healthier work-life balance and more.


This digital employee experience solution integrates with Microsoft 365 and other tools to provide a unified and enhanced experience to help your employees stay connected, informed and supported.


If you subscribe to Microsoft 365, you already have access to some of the basic Microsoft Viva features. However, some of these features require elements of planning and configuration before they can be used by the organisation.


The Microsoft Viva employee experience suite currently includes the following applications:


  • Connections – company branded employee destination for customised news, links and announcements.
  • Engage – Connect everyone in your business through employee communities and conversations..
  • Insights – Improve productivity and wellbeing with data-driven, privacy-protected insights and recommendations.
  • Glint – Understand the voice of the employee to continuously improve engagement and performance across the business.
  • Pulse – Get actionable team feedback with quick surveys for managers and leaders.
  • Goals – Align teams to your business’s priorities with a goal-setting and management solution.
  • Learning – Seamlessly integrate access to learning content into the places employees already spend their time.
  • Topics – Use AI to connect, manage, and protect knowledge and expertise across your business.

Why yoko:10?

Our consultants design, deploy and support Microsoft 365 solutions for a diverse range of organisations around the globe. With expertise spanning the entire Microsoft 365 suite, we can add value wherever the skill and resource gaps lie.


And it’s not just the technical aspects of Microsoft 365 we support, we also assist with governance, communications and training. We’ve even been known to pick up intranet administration and content writing when required.


Yes, we’re knowledgeable and we know our stuff, but we’re a pretty personable and easy-going team as well. We’ll fit right in, working alongside your existing teams, be it IT, data protection, communications or HR.

What’s involved?

You can call, or drop us an email, if you’d like to discuss your requirements, our approach, or anything else Microsoft Viva related.


In the meantime, here’s an overview of the main area’s we’d expect to cover when deploying Microsoft Viva for you:


  • Understand the problems or issues you’d like to address.
  • Complete stakeholder workshops to confirm all requirements.
  • Agree the required functionality and discuss potential license requirements.
  • Configure the relevant applications ready for use.
  • Provide user training to help with the adoption of the new Viva applications

How much and how long?

Our Microsoft Viva planning & deployment projects start from £3,625 + VAT and can be completed in as little as two weeks.


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