With all the benefits that Cloud and mobile computing bring, there are inevitable new risks to consider as well. One of the biggest challenges for any business embracing digital transformation is ensuring their security, privacy and compliance.

Microsoft’s security management suite provides an “end-to-end” solution which spans identity, devices, apps and data. You’ll find most of the capabilities complement your GDPR strategy too.


Do you have specific security concerns or vulnerabilities you need to negate? Would you like to provide more flexible access to company information but worry about the associated risk?

We’ll walk through the security, compliance and data governance capabilities available in Office 365 and Azure. That’s everything included in your current subscription plus any relevant add-ons too.

Together we’ll form a security strategy which ensures your workforce remains productive whilst reducing your exposure to risk.


With your security requirements assessed, and a plan devised, we’ll set about preparing your environment, data and devices for a new secure way to work.

We’ll make sure everything’s fully configured, fully tested and ready to go.

We’ll walk you through the new security capabilities, demonstrating and proving the effectiveness of each.


There may be some subtle changes to the way things look and the way things work. We’ll help communicate any changes to the business and highlight the benefits the new security capabilities will bring.

We’ll also show your administrators how to monitor and manage any suspicious activity or alerts. Or, if you’d rather, we can pick this piece up instead.

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