Our intranets are built using SharePoint Online and Valo’s “ready to go” Intranet solution.

This lets us accelerate delivery whilst reducing the complexity and costs associated with traditional intranet projects. Simply choose the modules and level of customisation you need.



Valo includes a range of features alongside a modern, responsive design. With your input we’ll take the available tools and design the intranet your business needs.

We’ll share our ideas and discuss current trends; taking the time to understand your business, your requirements and what you want to achieve.

Together we’ll define the functionality, page layouts, structure, look and feel. We’ll also agree non-technical aspects, like a launch plan, governance and the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved


Now it’s time to bring your new intranet to life. We’ll start by installing the software and ensuring your SharePoint environment is fully prepared. 

We’ll build the intranet using an iterative approach, including you at every stage. Each feature will be configured then reviewed, making any required updates along the way. 

Next, we’ll take the Valo theme and make it your own; updating graphics, colours, logos and fonts (or more extensive customisation if required).


The business needs to know what’s coming and the benefits it will bring. We’ll help with communications, train your team and make sure everyone’s ready to go.

We’ll provided support throughout the content creation process, and where possible, migrate any exiting information required.

There’ll be a short pilot to catch any last minute tweaks”, then it’s time for launch. Job done, sit back and enjoy all your hard work

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Valo Demonstration

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